Marketing for many years enjoyed the opinion of one of the most popular fields of study. As a result, we had a surplus of specialists. Today, the industry is booming, and companies are investing more and more in marketing activities. Considerable internet activities are of particular interest, e.g. on social media. Where will marketing specialists find employment today?

Modern marketing is the key to effective sales

Effective e-mail marketing, industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, precise target advertising, Google AdWords, chatbox in e-commerce or finally video business cards are just a few tools supporting sales activities and it would be difficult to imagine a modern one without them marketing. As a result, the most sought-after are candidates with experience in e-marketing, i.e. those with practical knowledge of Internet tools. Soft skills also play a key role, and above all, creativity and an innovative approach to campaigns in the digital world.

Professionals receive an average of 7 job offers per year

According to the latest Antal report, Activity of Specialists and Managers, marketers received an average of 7 job offers in 2017 – 15% more than in 2016. We observe the greatest demand not only in the dynamically developing food and pharmaceutical industries but also in the automotive, electrotechnical and construction industries.

A good e-marketer for the price, who is what?

According to the Antal Salary Report, an internet marketing specialist can now count on a salary between PLN 5,000 and 8,000 gross, and the manager’s salary is between PLN 12,000 and PLN 18,000 gross. However, this is not all, because the basic salary is supplemented with various types of bonuses, and the job offer itself is also associated with an increasingly rich package of non-wage benefits, flexible working hours or the possibility of remote work. Currently, employers put more and more emphasis on the talent management policy in the organization, which is why they also offer various types of training or competence development in a specific direction.

What competencies are employers looking for today?

The modern marketing department cannot do without the ability of an attractive, often persuasive style of writing – the so-called call to action. At the same time, marketing currently needs quality content, the more so that the material will certainly be used in the form of an article, blog entry on social media or as a newsletter. Modern marketing also requires knowledge of various tools, and marketers who efficiently use even Google tools are of particular interest to employers.

It is also worth paying attention to soft skills, among which the key role is played by creativity, flexibility, but also analytical skills, without which modern marketing cannot exist. Currently, no company can imagine the implementation of a campaign without thoroughly analyzing it in terms of its effectiveness and optimizing it.

Krzysztof Borkowski, headhunter Sales & Marketing at Antal


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