Currently, apart from health packages, the Multisport card or co-financing of language courses, various proposals are desirable, such as specialized training and certificates, additional life insurance, or a flexible form of work. According to the data collected by the PEOPLE personnel consulting agency, candidates from the IT and SSC / BPO sectors, as well as administration and HR employees, most often seek a home office. About 70% of candidates from these industries, especially from the Millennial generation, expect remote work at least once a week.

The most extensive benefit offer is offered to companies from the SSC / BPO and IT industries, i.e. sectors that have been struggling with a deficit of employees for years. IT specialists want to train first of all. They also cannot imagine working only from the office. The specificity of their tasks enables remote work.

Employees of business centers and shared services centers (SSC / BPO), especially those who know niche foreign languages ​​, have similar expectations as candidates from the IT sector. They also count on additional insurance, including for family members or the pension program. They are interested in subsidizing holiday trips, parking spaces, additional days off, as well as discounts on employer’s products or providing childcare.

In the financial market the candidates, apart from the standard benefits, indicate mainly co-financing for training, a pension scheme, and life insurance, less often at home-office. In institutions such as banks, insurance companies, or consulting companies, the possibility of remote work depends on the position held. Employees responsible for accounting, sales network, or representing the analysis and risk department have limited possibilities of remote work.

In addition to benefits for the staff, the work culture is very important. According to a LinkedIn study, as many as 70% of specialists on the American market would not want to work in a prestigious company if it had a bad atmosphere and an unfriendly organizational culture; 65% of them indicated that they would rather receive a lower salary than work in a toxic environment.

In various areas, Poland is getting closer to the standards and living standards of Western European countries. This also applies to the labor market. We have a record low level of unemployment and an insufficient number of qualified specialists. Companies looking for employees are forced to compete with each other. The bargaining chip is not only competitive salary rates but also non-financial profits. The most sophisticated, unusual bonuses to salaries are given to managers, but also qualified staff and employees specializing in a narrow field. However, lower-level personnel, due to the candidate’s market, receive a large package of allowances – says Anna Kulawiak SSC / BPO Recruitment Manager SSC / BPO from the personnel consulting company PEOPLE.

Undoubtedly, the range of benefits in Poland is getting wider, although we are still far behind the offers of employers in the famous Silicon Valley in this area.

Among global technology companies, you can find the most sophisticated offers, such as two months of paid leave for a trip of a lifetime. We are still a long way from such an approach, but it can be seen that not only large corporations but also small and medium-sized companies operating in Poland invest in an employee, inventing more and more creative ways to acquire and retain them – adds Paweł Pełtak IT Recruitment Manager.

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