Last year, the number of job offers in SSC / BPO, R&D and IT increased by as much as 13%. Companies are looking primarily for candidates with fluent knowledge of foreign languages, specialized in accounting, finance, customer service, IT or HR. Employees employed in business centers can count on higher salaries, attractive benefits and a fast career development path. How is it to work in Polish shared service centers?

The most important requirement in shared service centers is the knowledge of foreign languages. Standard is English (at least B2 level), which is actually a corporate language in all companies. Consequently – his knowledge does not guarantee higher earnings. In the past year, the most sought-after competence by the majority of employers in the SSC / BPO sector was German. Equally often, employers will look for candidates with knowledge of French and Italian.

They know foreign languages ​​and earn more

People starting their adventure with shared service centers can count on gross salaries of PLN 3,500-4500, depending on previous experience gained during internships, the level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​and location. Specialists and managers who speak the necessary languages ​​can count on an addition to their salary in the amount of up to PLN 1000 gross. Candidates with the Dutch language will receive a higher financial bonus – up to PLN 1,200 gross. The price includes employees who know one of the Scandinavian languages ​​- they can count on an allowance of max. PLN 2,000 gross, regardless of the position.

Employees get promoted

Along with gaining professional experience and expanding competencies within the organization, employees have the opportunity to be promoted. International Business Centers usually have a broad structure in which you can develop as a Junior, Specialist, Senior and then team management. Additionally, expert roles, resulting from the transfer of more advanced processes or a large expansion of the team, are an increasingly common level of positions. People with about 4-5 years of experience in a specific process have the opportunity to choose the direction that seems most interesting to them – the role of the Team Leader gives the opportunity to manage a team, usually about 10 people, and allows a partial departure from typically operational activities in favor of people management. Expert positions, in turn, allow for in-depth entry into the details of a specific financial process, getting to know the entire spectrum of activities and the development of typically technical competencies. Earnings in both positions depend on many factors, while in the case of leadership roles, we can assume amounts of about PLN 9,000 – 11,000 gross, while expert roles offer salaries from about PLN 7,500 – 8,000 gross.

There is no shortage of benefits

In addition to the basic salary and attractive development paths, employers are starting to outdo each other in introducing new benefits. It is no longer just a multisport card and life insurance. Currently, we can talk about benefits such as lunch co-financing, catering at work, access to drinks, masseur services on the company’s premises, etc. More and more often we are also dealing with benefits resulting from the company’s main activity, i.e. airline tickets or in the case of some automotive companies – employee leasing.

Angelika Żurawska, consultant at the recruitment company Antal, SSC / BPO


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