In the pharmaceutical industry, the remuneration of executives often exceeds 20,000 PLN gross and this is the amount before adding a sumptuous bonus. Until recently, it was a very hermetic environment. However, faced with the need for companies to look for new solutions, especially in the way they sell their products, the sector has opened up to people from related industries.

Among the candidates sought on the pharmaceutical market are, among others medical advisors with an emphasis on people in the field working closely with commercial departments and medical managers, as well as experts in reimbursement and institutional contacts, which results from the increasingly saturated market with modern therapies, a large increase in registration with the American Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency, as well as the limited health care budget and complex regulatory provisions in Poland.

A salary survey by Michael Page experts shows that a medical consultant’s salary starts at $ 12,000, and may amount to 20,000, which depends on the experience. The monthly salary should also include bonuses ranging from 20- to 30 percent and a company car or equivalent. The salary of a person holding the position of Medical Sciences Liaison is in the range between 10-15 thousand PLN gross and bonuses at the level of 10-20 percent. The salary of the medical manager is in turn 15-22 thousand PLN plus a bonus of 20-25%, a car, and additional benefits – says Monika Kaźmierczak, manager in the Healthcare & Life Sciences team at Michael Page. Meanwhile, a person acting as a manager in the reimbursement department can count on a salary in the range of 18-25 thousand PLN gross and bonuses of 20-25 percent. and a company car or equivalent. It should also be noted that more and more employees with experience in this department are taking on board roles. It is also worth mentioning that in terms of bonuses to remuneration on the pharmaceutical market in smaller organizations, employees can also receive a package of company shares – adds expert Michael Page.

Openness to people from outside the medical equipment sector

On the medical equipment market, which until recently was characterized by a high level of hermeticity in the flow of employees, and low rotation and many years of work experience were the strength of companies due to the very relational and regulated market, there has been a visible change. Faced with the need for companies to look for new solutions, especially in the way of selling their products, the medical devices sector has opened up to recruiting employees from industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or other areas in which it is an important experience in tender sales and knowledge of public procurement law.

One of the most sought-after experts in this area is Product Managers whose earnings, depending on their experience, can range from 10 to 18,000 PLN gross. The salary of Regional Managers in sales ranges between 8 and 14 thousand PLN gross monthly.

In companies, there is also a need for product specialists with technical knowledge, often supporting the service department, whose salaries start from 6.5 thousand PLN gross, and may amount to 10 thousand PLN gross. In the case of Product Managers and Regional Managers, bonuses amounting to 15-25% should be added and a company car or equivalent.

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