The IT industry is dominated by the employee market, programmers are in demand, and the e-mail boxes of cybersecurity specialists are filled with attractive job offers. The recruitment company Michael Page, as part of its #Trendwatch series, checked how the Polish IT sector looks against the global trends, where it is headed and how these changes will affect the situation of employees and their remuneration. The resumeget service will help you to correctly present yourself on the IT vacancy market.

Cyber ​​security

Cloud computing is a much cheaper and more convenient solution than building and operating your own server room. However, there are certain risks associated with it, such as hacker attacks. The awareness of dangers is growing and companies are realizing the need to seal their security systems. The more so that in recent years many hacker attacks have received wide coverage in the media. That is why companies spend more and more money on security, also in terms of qualified employees. Cybersecurity specialists and computer systems security engineers can count on a salary of 12-16 thousand PLN – says Marta Prudel, manager of the IT division at Michael Page.


In addition to cybersecurity, companies are also interested in cloud computing and specialists responsible for designing and implementing this service from start to finish. Cloud Engineers and Architects will be needed for a long time, especially in the financial, insurance and telecommunications sectors. Their salary ranges between 16 and 28 thousand PLN, however, it depends on the experience and technologies in which they specialize. In the future, they may increase even more, taking into account the Cisco market data, according to which in 2018 SaaS, i.e. Software as a Service, or, more simply, software as a service, will be one of the most popular cloud computing models – it will account for 60% of global cloud operations, notes Marta Prudel.

The future of IT

The widespread availability of technology and its decreasing costs mean that even the SME sector can afford to buy dedicated business applications. In line with global trends, they will be increasingly based on artificial intelligence. Therefore, in the near future, specialists in this area will strengthen their position on the labor market. Programmers can expect salaries between 8 or even 21 thousand PLN. Designers’ salaries vary between 16,000 and 25,000 PLN and depend on the experience and technology used. Analysts, in turn, can count on 8-18 thousand PLN, and application testers up to 10 thousand PLN (in the case of manual) and 15 thousand PLN (in the case of automatic). Project managers’ salary is between 10 and 22 thousand PLN – emphasizes Michael Page expert.

In addition, the intensive development of the Internet of Things (IoT) may cause cybercriminals to target this – the least protected – element of the IT infrastructure. Therefore, companies have to protect not only individual devices, which in practice is not possible, but the entire IT ecosystem of the enterprise and manage the use of individual devices that make up the company’s network. IT rights, risk and compliance specialists will benefit from this, and their services will be very needed, hence they can count on a salary between 11-15 thousand PLN. Especially that the forecasts say that spending on IoT solutions in business by 2021 will amount to $ 6 trillion – points Marta Prudel.

With the growing popularity of blockchain technology – recognized by cybersecurity experts as indecipherable – its role in creating business applications, especially in the financial sector and public administration, will increase. In the coming years, blockchain developers will enjoy unflagging interest, and therefore their earnings start from 11,000 PLN, and it can even be over 20 thousand PLN – adds Marta Prudel.

It is also expected that in the coming years the demand for developers of mobile applications – mainly for iOS devices – and websites will increase. Mobile websites are now more important than traditional ones displayed on computer screens. Hence such specialists as an architect ( 15-30 thousand PLN ), team leader ( over 15 thousand PLN ) and a programmer (between 6 and 22 thousand PLN ) can expect attractive salaries.

Programmers of JavaScript, HTML and CSS – the languages ​​underlying the increasingly popular Single-Page Application solution, i.e. websites without subpages, will find themselves in a similarly comfortable situation, which ensures faster operation. The popularity of this solution translates into the salary for this position, which fluctuates between 7 and 19 thousand PLN and depends on the experience of a given candidate, because a senior developer can earn even more than 20,000 PLN.

The most wanted are…

The absolute leader in terms of the scale of use is Java, which has approximately nine million users around the world. The popularity of this language is reflected in the job offers for programmers who use it easily. The second place is taken by JavaScript , while the third place is taken by Python – giving developers the chance to create applications, including Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Specialists in the above programming languages ​​will certainly be in demand in the coming years, which will be associated with a good salary.

In the context of the growing popularity of big data and the Internet of Things, the situation and earnings of data science specialists ( between 8 to 20 thousand PLN ) and big data architecture ( from 16 up to 25 thousand PLN ). Especially when we take into account the need to handle unstructured data in each company. According to Gartner, such disordered information accounts for approximately 80% of all data in enterprises.

– Service and ensuring information security will be a priority for many companies. People planning to become involved in the IT industry should be aware that while in the case of programmers, experience and skills are usually important, and not a diploma, the position of an IT administrator or IT consultant often requires higher education. It is worth adding that today the concept of “typical IT” is becoming increasingly blurred – specializations are becoming more and more intertwined, and big data analysts operate at the junction of IT, business and sales – indicates the manager of the IT division at Michael Page.

The development of new technologies will also improve the situation of designers of augmented and virtual reality in the coming years, and UI / UX specialists and application developers sought today in the labor market can expect remuneration from 8 to 19 thousand PLN. It seems, however, that web developers are in the best position. Until no one comes up with something better than a website, they will always find a job where the salary starts at 7.5 thousand. PLN gross , and maybe even 14 thousand PLN.