A company that leaves a negative impression from recruiting suffers not only image losses, but also business losses. 6 out of 10 candidates will not buy products or services of a company that has treated them inappropriately in the recruitment process. What’s more, they will share their negative experience with other people, confirms the ManpowerGroup report published today. The negative impressions of the candidates are influenced, among others, by the lack of clear rules regarding remuneration, ambiguous job description, and the company’s lack of response to the CV sent.

The candidate’s experience in the recruitment process changes his approach to purchasing products and services of the company he applied to. As confirmed by the results of the latest ManpowerGroup report “Add to cart: candidates are also customers”, 59% of candidates will be discouraged from purchasing products and services of a company that has treated them badly during recruitment. What is this caused? It is primarily the lack of clarity about the salary or job description – admitted 63% of respondents. 62% of the respondents indicate negative experiences from the job interview, 60% say that they did not respond to the CV and the same was the lack of contact from the employer after the initial interview.

While an effective recruitment process may be conducive to building a positive “candidate experience”, nothing can replace strong and lasting relationships between candidates and employers. Transparency is a key value for jobseekers, especially in terms of remuneration, job description, employee duties and promotion opportunities – says Iwona Janas, ManpowerGroup CEO.

A candidate entering into a relationship with the company becomes not only a potential employee, but also a client. Conversely, customers can be a potential group of valuable talent. Thanks to the knowledge of products and services, they know the organization and its needs, and in many cases already understand and share many of the core values ​​of the organization. A satisfied customer will also be more willing to work in a company whose products and services he uses – adds Iwona Janas .

As many as 64% of respondents will share with other people information about their negative experience in the recruitment process. The vast majority (78%) will do it during a face-to-face interview, 23% will publish a post on social media, and 18% will use a website with opinions about the employer for this purpose. You won’t have to wait long for the results, as 57% of respondents are less likely to use the products and services of a company that treated their friends inappropriately during recruitment.

Poland ranks high in the global ranking. Among the 24 analyzed markets, we occupy the fourth position (with a result of 64%) on the list of countries where the largest number of candidates declared the impact of negative recruitment experiences on their purchasing decisions. For comparison, in Germany a similar attitude was indicated by 42% of respondents, in France – 47%, in the Czech Republic – 51%, in Great Britain – 58%, in Spain – 61%.


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