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Internet portals are starting to dominate recruitment processes. Poles look for work through friends less often than in recent years, and already 1/3 of them use social media for this purpose – according to a recent study by Work Service S.A.

At the same time, almost 2/3 of people planning to change jobs consider changing the industry. However, looking from the employers’ perspective, there was a big challenge how to reach with information about offers to people who do not think about changing employment, who today constitute the vast majority of the Polish labor market.

The last edition of the Labor Market Barometer X report prepared by Work Service shows that only 19.8% of Poles intend to change their current place of employment within the next two years. Most of this group wants to change jobs within the next 12 months, but given the companies’ highest recruitment needs in 5 years, this is a drop in the ocean of needs.

Almost 80% of the participants of the Polish labor market are passive candidates, i.e. people who are not looking for a new job. From the perspective of entrepreneurs who are now massively looking for hands to work, this is a huge challenge, because they must convey a message about recruitment to people who do not search for such information on their own – says Tomasz Ślęzak, Vice President of Work Service S.A. For this reason, recruitment marketing is beginning to gain importance, which allows, among others through social media to make direct contact with potential candidates – adds Ślęzak.

The internet beats friends!

Poles who actively plan to look for a new job go to portals with advertisements in the first place. This strategy is adopted by 6 out of 10 respondents. Searching for a new job through friends was ranked second in the survey (54.4%). Until recently, it was the most popular method of reaching job offers, but the results of the report confirm the greater popularity of websites for the second time in a row. The third position was taken by the method of independent job search in the “career” tabs (41.4%). However, it should be emphasized that the role of social media is growing, as indicated by over every third respondent. This is the highest reading since the fifth edition of the report and the second-highest in the history of the 5-year research.

The role of social media is clearly growing, especially in recruiting young candidates. People just entering the labor market, often not having too many professional achievements yet, can be lost in traditional classifieds websites. Therefore, in today’s market conditions, companies themselves try to reach them through appropriate employer branding or even advertising campaigns – emphasizes Tomasz Ślęzak. Then job advertisements are sent directly to selected groups of candidates, including passive ones. Industry social networking sites are of different use. They are used mainly by well-educated specialists who appreciate the possibility of building their own image and at the same time reaching recruiters directly, says Ślęzak.


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