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Do you think you know how to find your dream job? You’re right. You think … Luckily, we have a plan in place that can make a real difference to your career.

First things first: forget your CV

Name, surname, address … this is probably how every CV begins. You are looking for patterns that meet the trends, hoping that you will hit exactly the recruiter’s taste. And this whole choice dilemma: which interests should I enter? What to be proud of and what not to mention? What level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​should I provide? A1, B2? But it can tire you terribly. Especially if you want to apply to several companies and try to “sew” your CV to each of them. Fortunately, there is a solution that can make this easier for you.

Second: don’t call anywhere

And certainly not to recruiters. They make and answer dozens of phone calls a day, they have various meetings and interviews with candidates. You can arrange a lot by phone, but there is no guarantee that the other person will pick it up, and there is certainly no great chance that he will be able to reliably get to know your experience and competences. Besides, you wondered what would you say? This is a problem, so skip it and make the recruiter call you.

Third: forget press announcements

AAAAAAAA I am looking for a driver. You can try to apply, but what for? You have to write a CV, and you know it’s not easy. Plus, you know these tales of recruiters tossing a CV up the ceiling and watching it fall. On the desk? We invite you to an interview. On the floor? Thank you, we will not even call you. We don’t know if these stories are true, but we do know for sure that no one would want to end up on the floor …

There is one more problem with advertisements – most often they ask for contact by phone or e-mail and send a CV. Read the previous two points and answer one very important question: is it worth it?

Fourth: don’t ask your friends to arrange a job

Want to be pointed at in the hallway? Nepotism is a nasty term, but it just stings on your lips. Of course, we believe in the sincere intentions of friends who will simply recommend you. There is nothing wrong with that, after all, there is an interview before taking up the position, etc. But trust us, the disgust will remain. And the worst thing is when a friend gets the boy’s job and a friend gets the girl’s job. Not only nepotism, but romance as well. So many rumors at the new job? Who needs it for? Luckily you don’t have to worry, we have a way too.


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